RMS is saying he wants to be "more kind", but he should avoid some behaviors that make people feel unwelcome/excluded. Make clear that the intention that similar people in similar situations wouldn't be made to feel unwelcome again.

(well of course sometimes when it actually goes against FSF goals, maybe some people should feel unwelcome)

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errybody w skin in the game: "no infinite growth on a finite planet"

billionaires: "yes, but planetary expansion"


Should be noted right now he's going back _to the board_, not his old position. But still, don't see the word sorry, and when i look at actual behaviors witness are saying happened, i don't think it's sufficient.

Behaviors are the biggest issue, the Marvin Minsky thing is a little off.

I am sure the more corporate people and the Linux Foundation guys on apples are smelling blood too, yes. This does not excuse RMS..

Ok.. well that will do for now..

The loom at the front not in the cable management is because they are repatched into different switch ports on a regular basis

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electrical safety fail, London, fatality 

The landlord of a pub in Romford, East London and an electrician are both sent to prison in their 70s - they installed a dangerous lighting installation which led to a young boy being electrocuted, abstracted electricity from unmetered supply and did not bother to fix dangerous situations (such as missing protective earth in many locations - things that could be sorted with just a few quids worth of materials and proper testing)


accidentally being darlene mr robot on a bad morning (selfie)

I am very mean i just made my computer count to a billion.

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