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Als je ook maar enigszins een nog wel werkende hersencel hebt: NU WAKKER WORDEN en OPSTAAN @VVD@twitter.com @cdavandaag@twitter.com @D66@twitter.com @christenunie@twitter.com
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VN-rapport:klimaatapartheid dreigt @VVD@twitter.com@cdavandaag@twitter.com@D66@twitter.com@christenunie@twitter.com

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"The 'Surveillance Scores' Companies Use to Rip You Off Might Be Totally Illegal."

"The next time you go to buy toilet paper online, an algorithm may decide to charge you $5 more than your neighbor. You’d probably never know. But even if you did, there’s no way for you to find out why."



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EU staat op punt grootste vrijhandelsverdrag ooit te sluiten: de Mercosur-deal met oa het Brazilië van Bolsonaro. EU zet zo grenzen wagenwijd open voor spotgoedkope landbouwproducten, als plofkippen en rundvlees. Onacceptabel! joop.bnnvara.nl/opinies/bolson

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How I deal with the heat. Or rather, how my PC does.

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Currently following the mutation of the Revolutionary Communist Party into the Brexit Party..
It's a masterclass in practical entryism / sectarianism. If they ever had an ideology it's long been lost in the pursuit of individual power.

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There is a silly bit of wasteland near me, that is used for rubbish dumping and car parking, and it's covered in wild flowers at the moment

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What I do in the evening? Playing the original DOS version of Blade Runner via #ScummVM on #OpenBSD

This seems pretty interesting, not really researched it yet.

DN!: Andrea Pitzer on concentration camps Show more

DN! Andrea Pitzer on concentration camps Show more

Might aswel share a screenshot aswel.

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Don’t beat yourself up about your first thought

Your first thought is a product of conditioning

It’s the second thought that matters

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Last week, @staltz published an article looking at the funding of open source projects.

It's a long-form article full of nuance:


Tl/dr: More needs to be done to fund open development, including more pressure on companies to donate to projects they benefit from, unionising, alternative licences and more donations in general.

This made me wonder, should there be a day on the Fediverse where we promote donations to a particular project? For example a #SupportSunday?

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