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I use the pushpin 📌 symbol to indicate links-not-necessarily followed. 

Of course _all_ links are not necessarily followed,(tho if you boost it people may assume you think the links express something relevant/good) but kindah want to remind.

Probably there are more symbols that could useful. Sometimes use 🔗 and 📰 a bit to denote articles, and 🗞️ for headlines.

(did it a bit after seeing this Veronica explains video )

Really like that newsboat just lists some keybindings immediately.

Sometimes i expect `vim` behavior, hitting 'n' while searching.. Also 'q' goes out one level, which i like. (changed up `ncppmpc` to do the same)

_Do_ think missing out on some pictures and formatting is somewhat a downside. But i'll gladly ditch them for keyboard friendliness...

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Put in my habit my simply autostarting it in .xinitrc

Unlike many alternatives it has nice keybindings.

Not getting stuff read that much though.. So much in there!

autism, immigration 

In this article which Nae shared on why you might not want to pursue a formal autism diagnosis, this bit really leapt out at me:

"Canada considered Autism to be a 'burden' on the state’s healthcare system, and hence refused to allow any Autistic people to immigrate to their country until 2018. New Zealand still denies entry to Autistic immigrants. Australia denies Autistic kids visas. An Autistic Ukranian refugee was recently turned away from the United Kingdom because of his disability. In fact, numerous countries operate under some version of a 'public charge' rule, which holds that disabled immigrants will cost their new country’s healthcare systems too much to be worth permitting into the country."

Though, the author does go on to note "Autistic people are automatically disqualified from military service in the U.S. and many other countries."

weaving (finished project), selfie ec 

finished my first project on my new table loom! this is a cotton/linen scarf (gist yarn storm and apricot) woven with a "scattered satin" pattern. no fancy math or tricks with this one, i just wanted to get more familiar with my new loom and also make something nice for myself 😎

Fire, not us, no harm 

Power's out, went for a walk on the beach, passed an apartment block just as a fire was starting on a lower roof next to a chimney. Called the fire brigade, whose station is only a few mins away - they took ages to show up and meanwhile someone in the property with a hose pipe, combined with people lending fire extinguishers from passing cars, had mostly put it out.

So that was a mini adventure!

Why yes, I *am* trying to test "the mighty morphin' power ranger thesis of the fediverse."

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Fukuyama! Waarom blijven media en pseudo-intellectuelen toch zo met deze vent weglopen? 'The End of History' was een naïve liberale natte droom, waar vrijwel niks van is uitgekomen. De BS die hij hier uitkraamt is nog lachwekkender. 'Mensenrechten zorgen voor intolerantie' 🧐
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Zowel links als rechts vormen een bedreiging voor liberale democratie volgens @FukuyamaFrancis voert links identiteitspolitiek die leidt tot ee…

Alarmerend draadje over optreden #politie #Utrecht gisteravond.


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ik heb mogen getuigen van een deel van de gebeurtenissen bij het kraakpand gisteravond, dus misschien kan ik wat uitschrijven wat ik er heb gezien.

Been using for a while now, and it works well. It's nice to have pictures on my phone automagically appear in my computer. Could in principle even automatically run scripts on them.(via inotifywait)

I have also been using it on source-code directories. On one end at a time! I don't know if that's a good idea, but it hasn't bitten me.(but it might?) Lots of `*.sync-conflict-*` files appeared, but dealt with them when relevant and then got rid of the rest.

In total it seems great 👍 👍

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If you're unfamiliar with KDE Connect, it:

1. Makes having your PC and your smartphone work together super easy, and

2. Runs on many different platforms than just KDE, don't let the name fool you

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it's kinda fucked up how it's normal for software developers to be given contracts where the company asserts that they own (or can claim) the copyright to anything the person makes, even when it's outside of work hours and not part of their work duties

Ok so covid, the sequel (
It Returns), is, as with most sequels, not as good as an the original, but keeps the tropes.

1. Constant mild headache instead feeling an alien is going to break out of your so skull.
2. Slight fever and chills instead of alternating being soaked in dripping sweat and shivering as if you were naked in a snowstorm
3. Dry sore throat but not a burning pain in the neck and lungs on every breath as if it would be your last

So that's an improvement!

🔗 A review of postmarketOS on the Xiaomi Poco F1 | Drew Devault
TLDR; hard and lots of fuss to setting it up, okayish when running.(not everything works)

as a small kid during xmas, I used to always think that the Vienetta ice cream cake was the most luxurious thing ever made.

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