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Visually select lines you want to indent or de-indent and use > and < to indent or remove indents for them

@irimi1 @sir i like to be thurough & get the subtitles & metadata too.

youtube-dl --write-sub --write-auto-sub -x --audio-format mp3 --add-metadata youtube.com/watch?v=SnLB8wysMb

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Het terugsturen van migranten op zee, zonder ze de kans te geven asiel aan te vragen, is verboden. Maar het gebeurt op de Middellandse Zee, door Griekenland. En volgens een vandaag verschenen onderzoek is de Europese grenswachtorganisatie Frontex er medeplichtig aan. #nieuwsuur

The Recording Industry Association of America, Inc. (#RIAA) and its member record companies issued a #DMCA takedown notice to #Github for hosting the #Git repositories of the popular #CLI tool #YoutubeDL, primarily because of the claimed intentional circumvention of #YouTube's 'rolling #ciphers'. As a result Guthub has disabled public access to the repository.
The #takedownNotice can be read at github.com/github/dmca/blob/ma
#PyPi's #Python package remains available: pypi.org/project/youtube_dl/

Features no-one asked for: sound reactive keyboard lights.

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@AnnieSchreijer@twitter.com Het verschil tussen plantaardige en koeienzuivel is een enorme berg broeikasgassen en water. @AnnieSchreijer@twitter.com - hoe kunt u in tijden van ernstige klimaatverandering nu tegen groene innovatie zijn? U geeft niets om de toekomst? Echt waanzin.

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Today the EU failed to #VoteThisCAPdown and basically made their insufficient so-called climate and environmental targets impossible to reach.
And no-one even knew it happened.
Thanks to all lobbyists, news editors and MEPs who made this happen. We won’t forget...

Florida is going to have a very rough time soon with Covid.

Many people here are walking around without masks and there is a very cavalier and dismissive attitude about Covid in general. It's very disappointing, but not surprising.

Floridians are not known for their intelligence or good judgement. Darwin is going to have a field day with the second wave of infections that is already building.

#Covid #Covid19 #FloridaMan #Florida #pandemic

Humans, you see, are far more resourceful than lemmings

We will make the seas rise up to drown us.

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een achterhoedegevecht dat het CDA in eigen land verloren heeft en waar het in Europa het verkeerde strijdtoneel voor kiest omdat de Raad van Ministers het bepaalt en het Europees Parlement niet twitter.com/LarsDuursma/status

Hey guys just FYI: old != bad


Mooi interview in Rotterdam met Sanaa Abarghaze over de #Voor14-campagne. vimeo.com/468304474

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