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"The Cherokee Nation announced Thursday that it intends to appoint a delegate to the US House of Representatives, asserting for the first time a right promised to the tribe in a nearly 200-year-old treaty with the federal government.

The Cherokee Nation's right to appoint a delegate stems from the same treaty that the US government used to forcibly remove the tribe from its ancestral lands.

As a result of the 1835 Treaty of New Echota, the #Cherokee were ultimately made to leave their homes in the Southeast for present-day Oklahoma in exchange for money and other compensation. Nearly 4,000 citizens of the tribe died of disease, starvation and exhaustion on the journey now known as the Trail of Tears.
A delegate in the House of Representatives was one of the ways the US government promised to compensate the Cherokee Nation."


#Indigenous representatives in the House is one step, but we still need equally-allocated footing in the Senate.

Maybe there should be a "fedi wiki thing".

Where pages are not shared by everyone, instead you adopt versions of pages. You'd also be able to boost it to basically suggest it to others. (Or maybe have a "boost if no changes to consider before X time" so you don't end up re-boosting minor fixes) Also people editing might get messages sooner.

Each page should probably be pretty small. And might even largely serve like a toot. Maybe next to links in the pages, just links with short descriptions.

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USpol, native representation 

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Hong Kong revolutionaries cutting down a facial recognition tower in a dank display of praxis ✊

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@strypey if you're keen on some practical example's, I love Rob's Backyard Farm youtube channel. He's doing a lot of interesting aquaponics stuff as well, but his old wicking beds videos are what got my thinking started.

This one's great with some different implementations with reused containers: youtube.com/watch?v=vAFyB35yVe

Patrice Lumumba, Independence in the Congo, and How Colonialism Never Really Ended | Off-Brand History

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♻ RT @th1an1@twitter.com:

#Brazil 23.08: Thousands of people marched in #SãoPaulo, against the neo-fascist Bolsonaro government's attacks in the #Amazon rainforest. t.co/fjVBCsQXWS


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Zodirect naar het protest op de dam in Amsterdam, tegen het ontslaan van burgemeesters in Turkije doorbraak.eu/24-augustus-amste

In de stad Van stuurde de vervangende AKP-'burgemeester' deze week zelfs de hele gemeenteraad per sms naar huis...

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Destiny and the Liberal Mind Prison [it's really about liberalism] | Thought Slime (27:17)

Wanna hear all the Shakespeare in read aloud one go? PhilosophyTube is doing it for charity!

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My programming language is better than yours 

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message by the Indigenous Environmental Network on amazon 

🗞️ [both former white house press secretaries] Sarah Sanders to Join Fox News; Sean Spicer to Join “Dancing With the Stars”[ABC network]

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