Amazed out how many people responded to my "do not announce your intent to commit crimes" toot with variations of "even better, don't commit crimes at all!"

Look: not all laws are moral. The law can, AND FREQUENTLY HAS BEEN, used to oppress people. People who helped slaves escape to freedom were breaking the law. People who sheltered Jews and gays and Roma from Nazi genocide were breaking the law. Sometimes, there is nothing a moral person can do BUT break the law.

I'm not saying ALL laws are immoral. But if you cannot imagine ANY law ever being worth breaking, you either need to read some history, or you're comfortable living with oppression because you're confident it will only ever oppress other people.

And if it's the latter, I'm not particularly interested in your opinion.

US politics 

There are two things you need to realize about the end of Roe.

One, this isn't an isolated event. At one end it's the culmination of 50 years of intense nonstop organizing, what everything the Right has done for decades was leading to. At the other, it's just the beginning. The decriminalization of homosexuality in Lawrence flows from the privacy right in Roe; gay marriage rests on Lawrence. Those are now at risk & the right has stated intent to come for them.


He tried to confiscate/steal/take the disabled guy's performance equipment they use to earn a living. They wanted to see some evidence he was official, he didn't have any just started cursing them. So they stopped him from taking it. Brothers have courage💪🏻




Prima van Van Dis. Alleen wil niemand die zwarte bladzijden (eigenlijk is het een heel boek!) wegdoen, kan ook niet.

Maar we zouden die bladzijden wel eens serieus kunnen doornemen. En besluiten dat zulke koloniale uitbuiters niet geëerd moeten worden met een standbeeld.

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🗞️ Report: New England Patriots Plane Used for ICE Deportation Flights

> From musical acts to athletic stars, many of Americans’ most-admired figures travel not only with the same companies, but often on the very same planes on which migrants experience abuse, which are rapidly reconfigured for luxury travel. [..] “athletes must accept that they are sitting in a seat perhaps last occupied by a migrant bloodied from abuse, or a parent taken from her child."

Suppose when they talk about Emile Ratelband, they do not have to talk about the abysses.

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the only thing i can infer from this is that richard stallman is already a member of isis as there is literally no difference

Here are two kinds of shows I wish someone would attempt:

1) Fleet show. Instead of having an ensemble crew of a single ship, make it an ensemble of *several ships*. Double down on the "ship is a character too" trope, but make crews a secondary focus.

2) Organization story. Have a large organization be the protagonist, with people employed by it being closer to props than main characters.

In both cases, people would get the same screen/story time as usual, but focus would be different.

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Not that am really judging the segment.. Like they probably shouldn't waste time on Emile Ratelband.. (Actually only know from what i have seen, that i haven't seen why he should get any attention..)

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NOS(dutch state news) had a real weird news segment of a Russian propaganda operation about an armored train. (real low effort shit from what i saw, steel plates and some guns and sandbags on a train)

The tone seemed really weird, like they put it in a "fun" segment i think. Like they weren't talking about a war.

I dunno exactly what to think, but shit is really real, and i really blame our system & leaders for it. Also the people starving, and nuclear risk.

free video game idea 

A farming sim that goes into depth about soil.

I want each tile to have separate stats for Nitrogen, Carbon, Moist and Worms. I want there to be a whole tech tree around composters. I want it to be an actual mechanic to need to keep the soil healthy by keeping nutrients in the soil.

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