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Of course, i like science and technology. Youtube channels i like:

* Thought Emporium weird name, like the project.
* NileRed ... overall, i don't understand chemistry well..
* Applied Science
* NurdRage ,
* Cody's Lab
* Jeri Ellsworth

I muck around myself, but understanding&doing things hard. Like (continued)

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Sources that I use: News:

* dayly video/audio of news, including more in depth information. (if little time, check the headlines)

* just great journalism. Two podcasts.

* well i look something for what they're upto, but to be honest don't expect that much good.

* Lefty newspapers. Think, is good,, ... can only read so much..

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Hi friends, Pidgin builds for Windows suffer from an ASLR bug that renders it broken. This also means if you use OTR (the ASLR not broken, but gets broken due to the broken implementation in Pidgin, rop ftw). Bug url —>

Cc @rysiek

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I’m Sander! I’m from the Netherlands where I was born and raised. At a young age I was interested in computers and how I could hack them in such a way that it could do more with it than it supposed to do😅

In the past I’ve played some games starting with Habbo Hotel. At the time I made a so called fan-page with the price rating of the furniture which was quite a lot of work!

One day I transformed my WYSIWYG edit like site into plain HTML.. So from that moment on I needed to learn HTML to continue with my website and there I discover my love for programming and running services.

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i hate how there's not a single language with repl-driven development at the core that makes it absolutely fucking transparent how to keep the repl working for a program that has a "main loop" at its core

I found the answer for common lisp in a youtube video (attached) but I've no clue how the fuck to do it in clojure and no one talks about it anywhere
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my 6-year old kid cousin describing birds: "they suffer, just like us." #KidsSayTheDarndestThings

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**Meisje (7) sterft van de dorst in Amerikaanse grensdetentie**

"Een zevenjarig meisje uit Guatemala is bezweken aan uitputting en dorst terwijl ze samen met haar vader werd vastgehouden door de Amerikaanse grenspolitie. Volgens The Washington Post zou het meisje al minstens acht uur in een detentiecentrum in Lordsburg, New Mexico hebben verbleven toen ze s…"

#opinie #nieuws #bot

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*Only dictatorships jail peaceful political leaders.*

It isn't just Forcadell.

Nine leading Catalan politicians have been in jail for over 12 months awaiting trial. Potentially facing 25 year sentences for sedition. Four of the imprisoned are on hunger strike.

In Europe, in the 21st century.


For trying to achieve independence democratically.


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Remember that just because States though hidden deals agree to label a group/person as "terrorist" does not mean that they should be or are.
The ANC for example was widely labeled as "terrorist" before the apartheid regime they worked against fell and nearly all agreed that apartheid was bad and ANC's Nelson Mandela was suddenly not a "terrorist leader", but a hero.
Make your own mind up, don't have States decree it upon you.

I know of "terrorist groups" from several areas that are actually the same kind of heroes as Mandela,
as i know of States that are actually state-terror but for ruling-class' desires for more power let to continue their well documented crimes against humanity.

You can't let them just apply a label and accept it.

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I was just reminded...
A "cool thing" about being here on GNUsocial/Mastodon, is that my experience of being well documented silently censored over at :birdsite: is... very much less likely to happen.

Yes, I could just open my own "profile" as "not logged in" to suddenly find a whole bunch of tweets not actually shown, to anyone, but they never told me anything about it.
The major-press people that looked into it got no response from them.
Those posts are still online if I look as me logged in there, but "doesn't exist" is the response if I log out and check the exact same post.
So damn unacceptably treacherous. No notification. No appeal. No nothing...

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Uhmm, yeah, in case anyone didn't know:
I do have an account at :birdsite: too (right now with 5399 followers),
but if you follow me here, there is no point in following me there,
because everything I post there is either a super-condensed version of what I already posted here with a link to my actual post here or an exact copy of what I wrote for here and then happened to fit there too.
In the cases where I retweet things there, I almost always bring it here too, often first.
Some things that I post here, I don't post there, but never the other way around.

That's my current policy, because I consider GNUsocial/Mastodon to be... simply better in all technological and ideological aspects.

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Nieuwsuur: The clothing industry makes people crazy and buy too many clothes! Me: ey they do criticize capitalism. Show more

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