This filter wheel from the James Webb telescope looks like it belongs on a Doctor Who console.


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Instagram has blocked Muna el-Kurd from live streaming the ethnic cleansing of Sheikh Jarrah to her 1.6 million followers.

She was attempting to show the occupation forces building up to expel al-Salhiya family from their home.

Probably using Netflix etcetera is a mistake. It's normalizing "lawfulness", precarity of having a copy.

Torrent instead.

📰 It’s January 6 and the Warning Lights Are Flashing Red | Peter Maass
Peter Maass (CW: anxiety)

@janek @tychosoft Real wage (i.e. the wage adjusted for the prices you pay) has gone up 4x in the past 25 years, more than any other country

and people in China enjoy a high degree of social mobility

the government is now actively looking at doing wealth redistribution saying that the interests of the majority outweigh those of shareholders

Not having competent, independent technical journalism that could fact check, explain in simple but accurate terms and appropriately warn the public of risks is a major weakness in a society that worships technology and technosolutionism

Tech journalists don't bite the hand that feeds them and the more generalist counterparts, while slightly less into blatant product placement, don't have the knowledge to beat the moles back into their holes

Hello there,
I'm new here, so thanks for having me.
I like to think I make music but you'll be judging that.
I live off-grid and record on solar powered equipment.
Here's a little taste of my new concept album:


".., US actions are a key reason that the international community has been unable to enforce international law where Israel is concerned. For example, according to a May 19, 2021 ‘Al Jazeera’ article, the US has vetoed 53 UN Security Council resolutions critical of Israeli behavior since 1972. These shameful vetoes provide political cover for continuing Israeli crimes against Palestinians. In addition, the US also gives $3.8 billion in aid each year to Israel..."

Ben mijn website aan het vernieuwen en dat is nog deels work in progress qua content. Alvast: een artikel dat eerder in Buiten De Orde stond:

Vluchten is geen misdaad – De grens is de misdaad

I don't like those (presumably)anti-DDOS things using cookies and javascript.. Possibly people who don't block those know that's what they have.

I guess _much_ better than (google)captcha ones though.

The Jan. 15, 2022 Hunga Tonga volcano eruption from a sattelite's PoV


@brandon it's neither the problem or purview of the government -or- Google.

If you wanna use what software people freely create in your gigantic infrastructure, and yet don't pay a dime of attention to it, ever...

it's your own darn fault if that system is compromised and you experience a cyber incident.

that's like buying a box of handmade, artisanal wood screws at a yard sale, and being surprised when the screws fail to hold up the support beams of your high-speed roller coaster.

Dit slaat echt nergens op... Anti-fascisten 'voor de vorm' ergens weg gestopt 'langs de route' laten demonstreren, en vrij baan voor de racisten.

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**Halsema verleent fascisten vrije doorgang, maar laat antifascisten afvoeren**

"De coronazis organiseren vandaag weer eens een coronabesmettingsfeestje in Amsterdam. Mag van Femke Halsema, want good people on both sides en we moeten Voorpost en NVU natuurlijk zien als Burgers…"

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