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A while ago I installed org-roam - a #RoamResearch clone for #OrgMode in #Emacs - and plugged it into my pre-existing personal wiki.

Here's the graph of links in my personal wiki right now. I'm surprised by a) how many notes I've accumulated over the years, and b) how very much unconnected they all are.

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Total #Arctic sea ice volume was *50%* below 1979 levels and *34%* below the 1979-2019 average in December 2020 📉

+ More graphics: Data from PIOMAS.

re-recorded the second ORCA video of my website, i didn't like the arrangemement, it was too long so i reperformed it trying to make it as short as i could

"il difficile compito di recuperare la cauzione da chi può shiftare fase"

( also updated it on )

#theWorkshop #theStudio #ORCA #ORCΛ

Zou wel aan mij liggen, maar als ik 'One nation under God' hoor, dan vervangt mijn hoofd het automatisch met ...

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M101 is a grand design spiral located about 20 Mly away in the constellation of Ursa Major. To locate it find the handle stars Mizar and Alcor and move to the east as shown in the attached chart.

Yes, with Biden's inauguration we're going back to the status quo.


We're still dropping like flies from a fucking plague, cops are still shooting people in the streets, people are still being evicted, white nationalists are still organizing openly ....

Biden being inaugurated hasn't changed a goddamn thing. Quit acting like a miracle has just occured.

Today was a good day:
- Trump gone (with no chaos or violence)
- Inauguration of VP Harris (so many 1sts!) + Pres. Biden
- Muslim ban lifted
- Keystone XL pipeline cancelled
- U.S. back in Paris Agmt
- Got mom a COVID vaccine appt
- Spent another day fighting for human rights


A military marching band just walked by the White House playing Hit The Road Jack.


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Timeline cleanser..

This deserves a million likes.. 🎶🙏

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"yay, we can forget about things! wooo, unity" is how we got having to fight for every single reform, the last time around.

it's good that orange demon is off to his lair, but i swear, not even a day of this "yay, we can all go to brunch now" vibe is good enough.

because that's how things wind up never getting better, or in some cases, getting worse: one day leads to the next, one week does as well.

taking a breath, that i get.

"everything is awesome!', though? no.

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