Looking for someone that like to give a hands-on session about Mastodon. Preferably in Dutch. meetup.com/PermanentBeta/event

Mastodon.nl community - I'm looking for someone to take over maintenance and hosting of mastodon.nl as I'm focusing on other projects. If you're interested send me an e-mail at mdbraber@mastodon.nl

There was a few hours outage for mastodon.nl because of a filled up HDD. Should be fixed now.

For all the users of mastodon.nl - if you see any conspiracy theorists, sex ads, racism or other offensive toots - please report them and I'll try to take appropriate action. Let's keep this instance open and clean. @jasper @jeroenpraat

Dear mastodon.nl users - so far maintaining mastodon.nl has just been a project I've done out of my own pocket. I would be okay to keep providing the service at cost if we can find a way to cover the hosting + domain costs (~15eu/month). Who would be willing to donate a small amount per month to keep using mastodon.nl?

There are some e-mail issues with mastodon.nl because of the new Sparkpost limits. I'm switching to Mailgun now. Should be fixed within a few hours.

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