I'm painfully reminded each day travelling how much more effective my desktop setup is.

After forgetting to run '--migrate' for the umpteenth time, it's now part of the deploy script for , so.. yay!

As usual, it literally takes 5 minutes to add it to the recipe, yet I find myself having lots of these "yeah, need to do that at some point" tasks lingering for months.

Just stumbled upon editorconfig.org/ searching for ways to support different people in a project with basic formatting rules. Looks like it's spot on. (I haven't dived in yet)

I'm a bit surprised I can't recall seeing this before. Is it me, or is this just not used much?

#TIL about #Librerouter, a project that aims to make it easier for non-geek rural communities to create #MeshNetworks. The project outputs include an #OpenHardware router with a #FreeCode OS:

Transferred my youtube subscriptions to

Not sure yet what this will bring me exactly, but it feels like an accomplishment. ;-)

At least I can stay logged out from youtube now.

It's kind of weird to look back and see that I've been working on something for five straight years now -- I don't think I've ever spent that much time on a single project.

But I'm really happy that Write.as has reached this milestone. Exciting times to come in the years ahead!

"5 Years" from @blog: write.as/blog/5-years

I'm looking to purchase Frank Herberts Dune series (6 parts) in ePub format.

All I find is stores using Adobe DRM which I can't use/want. I hoped it would be
possible to buy fingerprinted versions. Any pointers?

Now using an trigger to prevent account updates to the qua.name demo account.

Even with such a small instance, there's a remarkable amount of attempts trying to change
the demo username and/or password.

The trigger is a nice solution to this, it let's me use the writefreely 'as is' and it
is a silent ignore on any attempt.

Top annoyance with my Note 2 : the hyphenation is all wrong and can't be configured nor disabled.

It seems there's a lot of interest in continuing work on Guile Emacs, since it keeps coming up on Reddit and Hacker News and everyone is lamenting the fact that there are too few Scheme hackers and they don't seem to be interested in the project. (Someone even offered to fund it.)

Right now I'm seriously considering starting a revival project. Is anyone here interested in such a venture?

#Guile #Emacs #Scheme
@guile @emacs @scheme

If you want well-formatted, public domain e-books, standardebooks.org is the place to go.

...using google translate app with camera to understand the untranslated options in ereader device


#fediverse in 2019

In 2019 the number of fediversed registered accounts increased from 2.500.000 users to roughly 4.300.000 – about 🎉 1.800.000 newcome

Five networks growing most rapidly in online server numbers in 2019 were:

#Pleroma +182
#Mastodon +159
#Writefreely +147
#Pixelfed +73
#Peertube +63

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