Tired from hiking I had to stop and think for way to long to understand what was happening here.

Why do so few email clients support bounce? It's so incredibly useful!

main issue: C-m is 'mute tab' and i just want it to be 'return'

version 81 and still no configurable keyboard shortcuts....sigh

Unlearning 7 years of muscle memory is rather frustrating

The 'European Keyboard Layout' (eurkey.steffen.bruentjen.eu/st) is perfect for the keyboard.

All the common stuff in the us layout as the defaults, but with many additions that are then within reach in the atreus programmable options.

One does not simply start using a new keyboard...

By the looks of it I will be typing on a keyboardio tomorrow

Does anyone want a Talos II (POWER9) workstation

Cover the cost of shipping and it's yours

Email me

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