Dear users - so far maintaining has just been a project I've done out of my own pocket. I would be okay to keep providing the service at cost if we can find a way to cover the hosting + domain costs (~15eu/month). Who would be willing to donate a small amount per month to keep using

EmacsConf 2019 is tomorrow. Even if a conference about Emacs doesn't seem like your thing, it's worth taking a look at how it's being put on.

It's 100% remote, all talks are live streamed, live transcriptions are posted to IRC. Audience questions are taken from a different IRC channel.

It's the conference version of "everybody dials in." I'd like to see more conferences put on this way.

Byte juggling finished for my laptop. Now running 2 SSDs with in raid1 profile. Backup of disk goes to NAS with rsync. (Want to add some sort of snapshotting to that)

dd also copies the disk/fs UUIDs when cloning a disk


Migrating my config to a ( based setup.

Easy to start, but this will take quite a while to configure for an efficient workflow.

Also, an emacs-lisp language server is not in the list, first thing I looked for. Duh.

Hmm, I was under the *impression* that _some_ text `formatting` was supported by mastodon
( see )

Is that instance specific? Am I missing something?

The amount of mail without the required 'Message-ID' and 'Date' headers crossed my annoyance-threshold.

Here's a solution, using postfix:

In postfix/

`always_add_missing_headers = yes

In postfix/header_checks.pcre:

`/^Date:[ ]*$/i STRIP`

This has two effects:

- if Date: header is blank, it will be stripped and logged that this is done
- missing required headers will be generated by postfix, including stripped ones

If you're doing any work with , get a copy of It's a huge time-saver! Creates and restores database snapshots quickly. Much faster than pg_dump/pg_restore

Trying to get running natively on my Asus C101PA ("flip") after rage-quitting chromeos due to lack of and support.

Mostly done. Biggest hurdle now: suspend by putting the lid down doesn't resume, halts the machine.

Is there an accepted number of attempts to master before being allowed to give up?

@mdbraber Any ETA for upgrading the instance to version 3.x ?

Migrated to mu(4e) from notmuch for my email; took me "only" 3 days.

Main reasons:
- rationale of 'state in maildir only' helps me keep sane when using many machines
- refiling messages is natively supported
- format=flowed support
- UI of mu4e, especially compose and attachment handling
- less glue needed to have a complete workflow

Things I lost:
- remote use over ssh (although the 'mu server' paradigm gives me hope)
- tagging

It's all a lot simpler now.

Finally, things seem to start moving in the right direction:

Meet @forgefed, an ActivityPub / Federation protocol for networked version control services like GitHub or GitLab.

I have been trying to get 'format=flowed' composition right in message-mode for about a year now I think, and I'm still failing.

I feel all the ingredients are there, but I haven't found the right recipe yet.


I can't wire money to my bank account in South Africa (from EU) without first going through a bureaucratic process of providing the SA bank all my details and explaining to them why I'm transferring my own money to my own account.

Also, some German banks don't want to wire to SA at all, so I have to carefully choose the sending bank.

Maybe this bitcoin thing has a usecase after all.

Never, ever write a curriculum vitae without proper capitalization.

The difference between places that look for LaTeX skills and for latex skills is huge.

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