First patch for submitted!

There's a ton of work needed for the ppc64 platform in guix.

If you use mu4e in #Emacs for email, the 1.8 release is significant faster. (mu4e headers now render at least three times faster; and there is now sexp caching which improves performance with message searches as well.)


It's available in #Arch's AUR already.

(Still waiting for the #Guix package to update.... )

I'm sorry , I like your concepts a lot, but you are just too slow

Beautiful new Copernicus data service: ground motion monitoring. You can see the bounce back after the ice age in Scandinavia, the subsidence of houses in Groningen due to gas extraction. And my own home subsided 6mm since 2016.

#copernicus #egms #radar #remotesensing #satellitedata

bootstrapping a compiler...

That's a first in, I dunno, 25 years. Last time it probably was gcc on an HP-UX (apollo 425 I think) cluster I bought from university leftovers

(defalias 'insert-cut-here-line 'message-mark-inserted-region)

Sigh, spent 15 minutes looking for the right function name to insert a /cut-here/ separator line.

Jammer dat laatste upgrades nog niet heeft.


Trying out @kensanata's plugin for . Obediently following the manual ;-)

I write novels and articles with GNU #emacs . That's very good editor.

I think what most of the world misses, is this Dutch thing called borrelnootjes.

I'm sort of getting used to having 'changeme' as the name of my workstation. Probably should change it before it's 'muscle memorized'

I have setup a Trunk instance for the #Dutch speakers.

Voor de Nederlands-taligen onder ons: de Trunk is bijna klaar. Suggesties voor lijsten hoor ik graag. Ook als je op de lijsten wilt.

Als je Trunk niet kent: het is een tool waar je mensen kunt zoeken om te volgen op de Fediverse.

Graag boosten als je NL-talige volgers hebt ;-)

I never used `comm` before; handy for keeping track of which packages I still need to migrate to a new machine:

`comm -23 <(pacman -Qenq|sort) <(ssh 'pacman -Qenq'|sort)`

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