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Monk Fled Thailand for ‘Insulting’ King

Phra Panya said he disagreed with the law because it granted His Majesty the King the power to appoint or remove key positions in the national Buddhist hierarchy, which he saw as a blurred line between the church and the state. He made clear of his objection in those Facebook posts.
Due to legal concerns, Khaosod English cannot republish his comments in full.

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Tienduizenden gedupeerden, maar geen daders: zo ontstond de tragedie achter de toeslagenaffaire

Vrijwel iedereen – ministers, Kamerleden, ambtenaren, journalisten – deed wat je van ze zou verwachten, en juist daardoor liep alles mis.

"Have you noticed that Google search results often turn up a lot of Google content at the top? We did.
We built a browser extension, Simple Search, to show you just the “traditional” search results. "

Wat wil de VVD onder het kopje rechtspraak en democratie? Een advocaat is het er helemaal niet mee eens.

>Stemt u in maart op een partij die mensenrechtenverdragen aan de kant wil zetten om nationale wetgeving te kunnen maken die daarmee in strijd is? Mensenrechten beschermen ons tegen de dictatuur van de meerderheid. De @VVD
wil NL buiten de internationale rechtsorde plaatsen.

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What it's like to get locked out of Google indefinitely

“It's just one reason why it's so important that we fund and develop human-scale small tech as an alternative to the stranglehold of big tech on our lives." – some guy who goes on about this stuff a bit

HT @robby

Milk Tea Alliance

“The idea is that we can speak for each other’s values within a relatively safer environment,”

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Amnesty International: "19-year-old #HongKong student activist Tony Chung has been targeted solely for exercising his right to freedom of expression and he should be released immediately and unconditionally, and all charges against him dropped.

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