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Zoom vs. Jitsi:

– Neither Zoom nor Jitsi are always end-to-end encrypted.
– Zoom and Jitsi apps and the web clients contain trackers/tons of JavaScript.
– Zoom's privacy policy has some issues, but the vast majority of Jisti instances has no privacy policy at all.

Always talk about pros and cons. Don't skip the drawbacks of so-called "alternatives."

#zoom #jitsi #videoconferencing #privacy

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To Jitsi admins:

– Add a privacy policy (or a link to it) to your landing page.
– Be aware of Google STUN servers in your configuration (see also
– Change the default text of the landing page since it may incorrectly state that Jitsi is fully encrypted.
– Try to deploy HTTP security headers, like a strict Content Security Policy.
– Keep your server software up-to-date (see also
– Be nice to each other.


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I found out only yesterday that #Jitsi has dropped #GoogleAnalytics from their public instance , which is a great improvement for #privacy ! (They still do analytics, as documented here: , which is a good read for any Jitsi user.)

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Wenn ihr #Zoom unter #Linux bzw. #Debian betreibt, passt bei der Deinstallation auf. Die Routine versucht in /root (Verzeichnis des Administrators) zu schreiben.
Zoom: You should hire an appropriate package maintainer

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I tried #jitsi for #VideoConference and it worked without any issues (a bit of latency shifting between video and sound at times, but no big deal). No account needed.

Contrasting with #Zoom where sound was garbled (not to mention the major privacy concerns) and #Skype which also had sound issues (and needed a phone number for account activation SMS).

I think I'll see if I can get my parents to install chromium and try jitsi.

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Hi @ton yes, we are running a Jitsi meet instance and we share multiple ones hosted in EU/The Netherlands. Have a look at

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@luka Thanks for introducing #JitsiMeet to me. This will help my girlfriend to set up online dance classes.

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it must be said, that you still can use it, without any google being involved. There're instances that have changed those lines in their installation.

There're some lists where such instances are listed...but don't have a link at hand. If you can't find it, ask me again.

if it's for voice calls I would say go for: mumble.
maybe you like to also check out qtox. (I only tested it with 2 people. worked very well, it's p2p and e2e encrypted)

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Do you have a free and open Jitsi server, with some bandwith to spare? Tell me, and we'll add it to @vc4all : /

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